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Made Whole free Podcasts (companions to the book, "Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole").

Im concentrating on the Made Whole part of the book title and have begun to develop free Podcasts on these topics: We live in a Sea of  Chi, Crystal & Colour Healing, Sound  & Light Healing, Shamanism - Drumming & Journeying, Getting the most from your Psychic abilities, Chakras & Chi, Hold Point Therapy & Meridian Technologies, Meditation & Peace, Manifestation Board & Intentions, How to Create the Life You Really Want, Music its in our brain, Art its in our blood, Freedom in Forgiveness, and New Beginnings. Podbean is hosting me at http://MadeWhole.podbean.com 

Everyone ends up with cracks in their egg. Many of us go through: parents splitting up, foster care, rape, divorce, illness, death of loved ones, assault of some sort, mind-numbing boredom with life, stress, addiction, and/or alcoholism. But so many of us don't know what to do about it.

I've done a lot of work with a twelve step program, the SeCure program, many counsellors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. I've taken over nine dozen energy healing courses and practice what I've learned. I found my way out through taking a straight-forward and loving approach to myself and to life. I share this with you through my book, these Podcasts, and the 'Coming Soon' companion .pdf book series on meditation, music, art, energy healing, and my generally gentle philosophy on life, death, illness, and LOVE. I didn't choose to have all those things that happened to me. But, I can now choose to handle it the best I can now. I can take responsibility for my life now. 

So, we ended up with cracks. We also probably have more than one instance of a turning point in life... a place where we can make a decision to go one way or another. For me, it always involved a person or group of people who were put in my path. I have two questions here to help you get started if that's what you want to do... 1-list the ways you feel your egg got cracked; 2-list the turning points in your life. 

I believe we all have a hand in creating the life we want to live. Even if we don't decide to do something, we're still making a decision. We make decisions all day long: I'll leave that to do tomorrow; I think I'll just let that slide; Those things don't really matter to me; Yes, I really want to do that; No way. I'm not going there. If you're not living the life of your dreams, change your dream and make a different decision. 

Please visit https://MadeWhole.podbean.com to listen to my first four Podcasts, which all happen to be less-than-ten-minute-meditations. I offer some simple tools to get unstuck and get on with your day. 

Next month, I'll be sharing more from the heart.

I hope you'll join me on the Path to Peace.

Love Lyn


Awakening Heart Meditation 

Clear your energy Meditation

Deep Ocean Meditation

UnPlug Meditation



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