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My Books 

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All of my books are formatted to read just like any other book with chapters beginning on the right hand page. These are e-books in .pdf format, which are easily read on-line or printed off and taken with you.

Ordering: please email lynayre@telus.net with your selection and I will email an invoice for you to pay. Please see Methods of Payment below for multiple options. Once paid, I will email you the book.

Note: Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole will be out in print copy, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and various other formats at the end of this year 2018. 

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For Kids

A Gift for Zachary


What Can I Do?

For adults

The Grateful Gourmet

Of This Space and Time

Little Book of Meditations

In The Light 

Phrases & Fractals


Word Search Puzzles

Methods of Payment


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PDF E-books by Lyn

Grateful Gourmet front cover for Creative Heart.jpg (112675 bytes)

"The Grateful Gourmet"

Mom's home-cookin' made easy. A personal treasure of tried and true family recipes, all of which are delicious. 

59 Recipes plus tips on shopping, food handling, food storage

32 pages; 1998



In The Light Front Cover for Creative Heart.jpg (69928 bytes)

In The Light

Read an excerpt

About The Book

Now healed from a seemingly hopeless state of health, Lyn can fully appreciate a life of Light, Love, and Laughter. Her wonder about how Spirit works, in her life, fills Lyn with awe. Everyday mundane things have taken on a new meaning – a brightness – that they have never had before. As she says, “God is the bass note, the voices of my husband and I sharing late into the night are the melody, and the sounds of my family are the harmony, which fill my moments with music.”

39 pages; 2005 

ISBN 0-9731427-8-2


Little Book of Meditations for Creative Heart.jpg (72964 bytes)

"Little Book of Meditations"

Includes 27 Meditations written over the last 25 years, tips for meditating, and frequently asked questions. 

56 pages; 2004 

ISBN 0-9731427-7-4


Of This Space & Time for Creative Heart.jpg (76251 bytes)

Of This Space and Time

Pure poetry in praise of life, love, and laughter. Having come to the middle years of my life, I have a new perspective to offer. Read an excerpt.

70 pages; 2000

ISBN 0-9731427-2-3 



Phrases & Fractals book cover for Creative Heart.jpg (61254 bytes)

"Phrases & Fractals"

A compilation of inspiring notes along side 25 gorgeous energy fractals. 

Sample of Phrases & Fractals.pdf

51 pages, 2008


Excerpt from "In The Light"

Mom is consistent.jpg (56769 bytes)“Hello” From Beyond The Veil  

Life is sometimes very strange. In 1993, I’d heard my Mom quit smoking and I thought ‘if Mom can do it, I certainly can.’ I did, and I’ve never looked back. Unfortunately, Mom started to smoke again. In 1999, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Years of smoking finally caught up with her. My mom, Veronica Harris, crossed over on March 2, 2001. As you can imagine, it was a very difficult time for us all. We rallied round each other and did what had to be done, just like most families do.  

My mom didn’t seem to be a religious sort but she made sure we always went to Sunday school and had the opportunity to make up our own minds. Having the love of God and Jesus Christ instilled in me at an early age has been a saving Grace on many occasions. This was definitely one of them. Prayer and meditation saw me through many a tearful time.  

My Mother loved people and was always there to lend a hand or simply enjoy a good laugh. She was just a regular gal. Or so I thought.  

Several days after she died, I asked my husband, Norm, to have a look at the Christmas cactus in the bedroom. I thought I saw a bud on it. We’d had it for about ten years and it had only ever bloomed around Norm’s birthday in the middle of November. I always thought to myself, ‘some Christmas cactus! It always blooms a month early!’ He confirmed what I’d seen.  

I did some research on the blossoming of this plant and found out that March is usually the resting month for Christmas cactus. I watched in amazement as a single bud slowly formed over the following week. On the first day of spring, it was in full glory. This tiny flower was the size of my baby finger. It looked like a shocking pink and stark white flying angel. My mom was wearing a shocking pink head covering when she passed. She loved this colour. I fussed over that little bloom and took many photos of it, sending them off to family and friends.  

One day, as I prayed over the flower, I began to laugh. This truly was a sign from mom and showed her weird and wacky sense of humour. In life she couldn't grow any plants indoors so she dotted silk and plastic ones throughout their home. In death, she grew a single beautiful bloom, which always amazed me. I knew this was my Mom sending me a message of survival. I appreciated her efforts. This went on for ten years. There was no bloom in 2011... 

2018 Update, I've just had one bloom on this plant this year. Looks like Mama is back.



Excerpt from "Of This Space and Time"


(C) 1991 Lyn E. Ayre



Troughs created, breaking foam.

Miles of ocean on sand roam.

All that was here, is here, how?

Changing matter, then to now.



And now to then and back again.

Recycled into this and that.

There’s nothing new in heaven, on earth.

It’s all that is from death to birth.



And up and down and out and in

Through cycles many, end, begin.

In crashing surf and seagulls fly,

There’s no such thing as live or die.



It all is here. It’s never gone.

It separates, then comes to one.

The same and changing, ever be.

From past to present. Eternity.  



Kid's Books

A Gift For Zachary

A Gift for Zachary front cover for Creative Heart.png (801487 bytes)

Excerpt: A few weeks later, as Zachary was walking home from school, he heard a funny sound coming from a bush. He stopped to see what it was. There was Tyler who had been chased by the same kids who had made fun of him. He remembered how good it felt to tell his Dad what had happened. He told Tyler how badly he had felt when he had been chased and teased. He showed him the boat that Martin had made for him. He saw how happy Tyler was becoming just by talking about how badly he felt. Zachary felt a strange surge in his chest. Suddenly, he handed over the boat to Tyler. He had never felt so happy.

ISBN 0-9731427-3-1
$8.00 CAD for the PDF E-Book

What Can I Do?


What Can I Do front cover for Creative Heart.jpg (41905 bytes)

Eight verses with corresponding illustrations. Brightly coloured pages.

Excerpt: 5th verse- What are the things that Daddy does that makes my life just great? He goes to work and dries the dishes and builds castles with a cup and a plate.

ISBN 0-9731427-4-X
$8.00 CAD PDF E-Book


Feelings front cover for Creative Heart.jpg (24292 bytes)

Six verses, each with their own highly colourful illustration.

Excerpt: 2nd verse- So if you feel bad 'cause your Mommy's away, go ahead and cry 'til you feel okay.

ISBN 0-9731427-5-8
$7.00 CAD PDF E-Book


Methods of payment


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